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Macro Calculator
Click to go to the macro calculator page for calculating magnification, light-loss, and depth-of-field values for various macro extension tubes — you can now specify custom extension tube-sizes and output-sizes, and Canon's MP-E 65 macro lens is now also supported.
Hyperfocal/D.o.F. Calculator
Click to go to the hyperfocal distance and depth-of-field calculator page — now with support for custom output-sizes.
Camera comparisons
Click to go to the camera sensor comparison page.
Noise Ninja Profiles
Click to download Noise Ninja profiles for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or PowerShot G9 cameras.
Click on a link above to calculate hyperfocal distances, depth-of-field data, macro extension tube performance data, or a camera comparison table. All computed values are theoretical, real-life lens performance will differ.